Turners On Tour – Day 3 – Hollywood Studios

Toaster Problems…

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 3rd Feb 2017.

I wasn’t in the wide awake club until half past 6!! Result! Day began with the customary fight with our toaster – they always seem to be so difficult out here! Please see picture below of two pieces of toast that went in the toaster at the exact same time -.-

Off to Hollywood Studios – park felt quite busy for February but we actually didn’t really wait for anything. As we arrived the March of the First Order started – cue Alex looking like a child at Christmas! We managed to do everything we wanted in the day easily. Great Movie Ride was great and just a walk on. Star Tours not one for people with motion sickness.

Toy Story Mania

Fast Passed Toy Story Mania and it was so worth it – I love this one. Alex won by quite a long way and then turned to me and says “you’re really good at that” to which he received a very cross look.

We watched the Beauty and the Beast show and oh my goodness I can’t believe we’ve never seen it before. I loved it and was singing along all the way through. Also saw for myself the new Belle doll – poor Emma! It is so creepy looking. Also saw the Indiana Jones show – I still love it even though it’s been the exact same show since I was a small child.

Meeting Minnie

We met Olaf in celebrity spotlight and had a warm hug! Also met Mickey and Minnie. Mickey was quite a quick take a picture and off you go – but hey he’s a very busy mouse. Minnie was fabulous – I said I loved her dress and she indicated Alex should buy me one and a belt and bow and bracelet! Could see some sweat appearing on his forehead as he added up how much that might all be.

Off to Fantasmic which I love love love. We couldn’t get a fast pass late on in the day but arrived at 10 past 6 and somehow ended up being put in fast pass anyway. This did mean a long wait and Alex getting crosser and crosser with a small child who thought it was a fun game to kick him over and over. Rushed off to the Star Wars fireworks and even for a non-firework lover they were amazing. Really felt like you were in it with the projections and lasers. Unfortunately, we were dead centre of Hollywood

March of the First Order

Boulevard about 1/3 of the way down and all the fireworks were off to the right. Would really recommend standing where you can see off to the right hand side of the stage – I have a lot of pictures of half a firework!

Overall, lovely day but if you don’t love Star Wars the park is lacking in content – even with a HUGE Star Wars fan we arrived at 11 and by 5 we were killing time waiting for Fantasmic. Although admittedly I have really bad motion sickness so we didn’t do Aerosmith or Tower of Terror. Animal Kingdom tomorrow! xx

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