Turners On Your – Day 4 – Animal Kingdom & Squad Reunited

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 4th Feb 2017.

I was once again in the wide awake club at about 6. I decided to wake Alex up at gone 9 so we could head over to Animal Kingdom – clearly someone isn’t having any jet lag problems!

AK was busy busy busy! The busiest I’ve ever seen it and we last went in 4th July week last year. And there’s me thinking it was low season… I think it also took Disney by surprise as they seemed understaffed and the usual smooth parking experience turned into a complete free for all.

Lion King Show

We did everything in July so were quite happy to take it easy today. Didn’t bother with Expedition Everest as even single rider was a 30 min wait at around half 10. We did the walking treks to see the animals in Asia and Africa. I love these – had great sightings of tigers and gorillas. Went on Kilimanjaro Safari – SO glad we had a fast pass as standby was 85 mins. It was amazing and is Alex’s favourite part of the Disney ever. Even though he seemed much more interested in the animal poo rather than the baby elephant and giraffe I was pointing out – it’s like having a young child sometimes. Lion King was amazing – we were in the lions section and I was singing along all the way through – despite the odd looks from the lady next to me.

Chip & Dale

We had to wait over half an hour to meet Mickey and Minnie even with a fast pass but it was well worth it when I got a kiss from each of them. Love seeing them dressed up for exploring. We also went up to Rafiki’s Planet Watch and met Chip & Dale. They were so pleased when they saw my Magic Band has them on it they were jumping up and down and insisted on signing it – stealing the character attendant’s pen in the process. When I told them Alex had a much less cool Pirates of the Caribbean one they both pretended to be a pirate and Dale challenged Alex to a sword fight.

Back to the villa for some sunbathing and then the rest of the family arrived. My sisters Natalie and Rachael and Natalie’s boyfriend Vince – bringing us up to a total of 7. Sea World tomorrow – can’t wait! xx

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