Turners on Tour – Day 5 – Sea World

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 5th Feb 2017.



My parents, Alex and I headed out to Seaworld for opening this morning and we had all day dining – I have written a separate blog on this topic. We had the full intention of having to be rolled out of there this evening. No long wait times so Alex just walked on to all the big rides – Manta was his favourite. Unfortunately he was on his own as me having terrible motion sickness (and being a complete wuss) means the closest I get to those rides is holding the bags and taking some pictures.

Pacific Point Reserve

We were SO lucky with some of the animal encounters we had. Manatees were grazing on lettuce – they reminded me a lot of vacuum cleaners. We even got to see the manatee hospital where they are preparing rescues to be released into the wild. The dolphins were also entertaining – they kept poking their heads out of the water to see if there was any food about. However, all of this was beaten by arriving at the sea lions in time to see feeding. I have NEVER seen or heard anything like it.

We also took the new penguin ride (on the mild setting for little miss motion sickness) and the penguins were adorable but be warned 0 degrees feels pretty chilly when you’ve acclimatised to the Florida sunshine. One of the keepers was telling us about 3-4 repeat offenders that keep trying to jump out and meet the crowd. If one jumps out they get put in a penguin time out in a different section. When I asked if this works he said no because some of them prefer it back there anyway. Dad also spotted the child swap for the ride although I don’t think he quite understood the meaning of it as he was keen to change me for another daughter!

Clyde & Seamore

The sea lion and otter show was great, especially when one of the sea lions got a bit confused and kept getting it wrong (I think he was trying his best). They did warn people the front rows would get wet but they got SOAKED. We were several rows behind the warnings and still ended up in a “sprinkle zone”. We are old school though and do kind of miss the treasure island show – this one was a bit over the top and loud for us understated British folk.

Pets Ahoy is lovely but wouldn’t say it’s a must do if you’re busy. One Ocean is a little cheesy for us but the Orcas are breath taking in themselves. I love how the show honours the armed forces – we don’t do many things like that in the UK but I wish we did more.

We were there open until close and ate in various places. We got all day dining for $20 with our tickets and we think it was good value but we wouldn’t rush out to do it again. Avoid the asian meals in Expedition Cafe – they were so greasy we couldn’t manage more than a mouthful so glad we didn’t pay extra.

Top Tip – We got a SECOND DAY FREE (I know.. I don’t think we’ve ever got anything for free in Orlando before) by going to the Vacation Centre (outside Clyde and Seamore). She tried to get us to go to a timeshare presentation we said we’d think about it and had a show to go to – she validated our tickets and we can go back any day this week. It probably took 5-6 mins and you do have to listen to the hard sell for this presentation but was worth it for a second day.

Any questions please just ask. Outlets tomorrow so we can shop until we drop 😀 xx

To read Day 6 please click here.


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