Turners On Tour – Day 6 – Outlets and BBQ

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 6th Feb 2017.
Rest day! Thank goodness – after 3 days on the run in the parks my feet needed a break. Started off the day taking Rachael to Walgreens due to a problem with her eye. After a long wait a very unhelpful pharmacist refused to even recommend any drops without going through their health clinic for $100 (I think they’re all scared of getting sued!). She said it wasn’t too bad so off to Publix we went. 20 mins and $75 lighter we left with all we needed for a BBQ for 7 this evening.

The change

The weather forecast for tomorrow showed lots of rain and we’re off to The Magic Kingdom so we decided to go to The Dollar Tree to get rain ponchos. It took FOREVER. We were in there for about 30 mins just to buy 5 x $1 ponchos. The till we were queuing at broke and then two ladies in front of us by the time we got to the front of the second till were trying to use a $100 bill…Who goes into a one dollar store and tries to pay with $100 bill?! 😂 The staff had to go into the back and get their change which was quite funny when it was all in $1 bills – 83 of them to be precise! The weather forecast has now changed and it seems very unlikely to rain – brilliant. I also saw solar dancing cupids, I know exactly what to hint to Alex about for Valentine’s Day now!

Back to the villa for a swim and lunch where I successfully turned into a tomato  praying it will be brown tomorrow morning – goes to show how strong the Florida sun can be even in February. We set a super duper world record for volleying a blow up beach ball – 91! (Alex ruined it when we were aiming for 100 but he was suitably splashed by all of us to vent our frustration :)) Natalie got thrown into the pool by my Dad – she was not impressed. He tried to do the same to Mum but I think he received enough of a death stare to decide that wasn’t a good plan.

Ted Baker

Outlets this afternoon – we went to the Premium Outlets at Vineland which are fine and convenient but definitely not the best. I didn’t manage to buy anything. Alex got a $200 pair of jeans for $26.61 though so we were thrilled with that. Also managed to pick up some presents for people back home from the Disney outlet.

We had a BBQ at home this evening – it was really nice to relax and it’s plenty warm enough to eat outside. Top tip is to buy Publix’s bacon and cheddar burgers they are yummy scrummy but huge. We bought 4 and made them into 10 normal size burgers. They didn’t have any left so the man made IMG_4865them up especially and came to find us in the shop to give us some – wouldn’t get that in tesco’s!

Today was a bit of a slow day so sorry about that – Magic Kingdom tomorrow so will have plenty to write about then! xx

To read Day 7 please click here.


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