Turner’s on Tour – Day 7 – Magic Kingdom

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 7th Feb 2017.
The most magical day of my life in the most magical place on Earth. I apologise in advance for the length of this one.

Empty Parking Lot

We arrived at the car park plaza to find it empty. I sat there looking for someone to pay until the car behind started beeping, and because everybody else was going through we did too. We were the seventh car in the car park and were about a 3 min walk from the transportation centre. So top tip – if you are prepared to get to the park more than 2 hours early then great – you get free parking!

Be Our Guest

They let all dining reservation guests in at 7:45 and Natalie and Vince were the first people on main street. No running allowed so they just walked very very very fast. We had an 8:20 reservation at be our guest – it was wonderful. We arrived at 8:05 and they happily let us in. So much food for 5 of us and you can choose your own seats so we sat in the ballroom. The food then magically makes its way to you. The grey stuff really is delicious – don’t believe me? Ask the dishes.

Out into the park for 8:50 and we walked onto seven dwarves mine train. By the time we came off the wait time was 75 mins. We finished fantasyland and tomorrowland by lunchtime (military planning!) and had a relaxing picnic in Tomorrowland. I was devastated my laser didn’t work – 2,000 points in total sitting next to Mr 130,000.

This afternoon we did Pirates of the Caribbean – the man said we would get soaked so Rachael and I didn’t bother. Mistake – the others came off with barely a sprinkle! Saw Mickey’s royal friendship Fayre which was so worth seeing and something we never would do in the heat of summer. I was singing along at the top of my voice.

Then some shopping – debated whether to get a Sven pillow pet or not. We have the entire collection between the 5 of us so wouldn’t want to miss out on one but I just didn’t love it as much as the others.  Next stop – festival of fantasy parade. Wow wow wow I love this! Flynn rider (Tangled) even blew me a kiss – Alex was not impressed and put on his angry face Merida loved Natalie’s curls and wanted Alex and Vince to show her their muscles.

You can get iced water for free in any food place. Great if you’re desperate but it tastes precisely like a swimming pool yuk!

Main Street USA

We met Minnie, Mickey, Daisy, Goofy and Donald. The characters all made a huge fuss of Vince because it’s his first ever day in a Disney park. Unfortunately, Vince took a bit of a liking to Minnie – blowing her kisses in the queue and everything. Natalie wasn’t best pleased. Talking Mickey had us bouncing up and down pretending to be tigger – ladies you will understand that doing this for several minutes is not ideal!

We then did Frontier and Adventureland before dinner at Pinocchio Village Haus – Parmesan chicken nom nom.

Went to Tomorrowland at night – would totally recommend it! We went on the people mover as the sun went down – all the lights across the park were twinkling (very magical). Finally, Once Upon a Time and wishes. Natalie and Vince took much more interest in playing with a little girl and her bubble machine. Wow I love these and there’s always a tear in every eye at the end. The finale is just spectacular as the whole night sky is lit up.

We are knackered now but was so worth it – we’ve done open until close for the first time ever. Hopefully we won’t be too tired for Kennedy tomorrow xx

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