Turners on Tour – Day 8 – Kennedy Space Centre

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 8th Feb 2017.
The first big update is that the mosquito bite situation has become completely out of control and my legs now have large growths all over them!

Had a bit of a lie in after a long day at Magic Kingdom yesterday. We left here at 10 and got to Kennedy for 11:15 which was a mistake. The park closed at 6 and we didn’t even come close to doing everything. When we arrived the guided tour of the rocket garden was just starting so we tagged along – it’s fine and informative but not a must do.

After Lunch with an Astronaut

Lunch with an astronaut was next and wow we loved it. It was such a special experience with Winston Scott, he was a charismatic and funny speaker. There was a very brief presentation before he opened the floor to questions. He got a lot of questions from our table, The table layout was very formal and the service was great and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the buffet food. Being cheapskates we all grabbed an extra can of drink and some dessert to save for the afternoon.

The bus tour is definitely a highlight but it does take a few hours – most of the afternoon had gone by the end of this but it was SO worth it to see the moon landing information and touch actual real moon rock (although the excitement of this is diminished somewhat when you read a sign later on which says they’ve brought over 380kg of moon rocks back from all the trips to space!). The bus tour also points out wildlife – we saw a wild pig, alligators and bald eagles in their nest. We also spotted a racoon at the Saturn V centre and decided to follow it at a distance because we’d never seen one before. We were promptly told off by a very angry man who seemed to think we might have been walking in a banned area – oops!

In the cockpit

We did a few other sections including seeing how astronauts live in space (which answered the very important question of how they go to the loo) and the shuttle programme. Headed back up to Orlando as the park closed, quick pit stop at the villa to get jackets and change into jeans – other than Natalie who forgot to pick up warm clothes but did manage to fix her eyeliner… Then off to Outback Steakhouse.

Oh Outback – so good but sometimes just so bad. It was such a pavlova (Turner talk for palava). Took so long for the food to come, we were waiting 40 mins on a refill of coke, after specifically saying the food needed to be hot it all came out cold, one steak was raw, the other was tough… just a nightmare img_5033.jpgreally. Mine and Alex’s came out perfect though – lucky us. The manager came out and promised to fix it and they brought the whole table again. Most of it was needed and Alex somehow managed to polish off his second meal and even looked disappointed when I said I didn’t need a second lot of chicken tenders – i don’t know how he stays so skinny! This time round the food was perfect and phrases such as “out of this world” and “best steak I’ve ever had” were thrown around. Just goes to show that when they get it right it can be amazing. In the end they covered the whole bill for us because the manager recognised they had been awful at the beginning but we would much rather pay the full price and get a good meal!

Alex is somehow eating even more food (ice cream) but I’m off to bed now. No idea what tomorrow holds – I will keep you updated xx

To read the next day’s blog please click here. 


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