Turners on Tour – Day 9 – Disney Springs and Mini Golf

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 9th Feb 2017.

This is the exact same things we did last Thursday! The good news is that we can now sooth our mosquito bites in cold water, the bad news is that this is because our pool heat was cut off. If anyone wants to skip the blog but wants a giggle on a Friday morning just watch the video below of Vince jumping in. If you are wondering do I need pool heat in the winter months the answer is definitely YES!

Legoland at Disney Springs

Went to Disney Springs this morning to pick up some presents. Debated getting some Pandora charms but they seemed very pricy compared to ordering them to the UK. I just love being at Disney Springs. The atmosphere is so nice. I know this sounds crazy but I just love the smell of the place – walking into Goofy’s Candy Co. mmmm!

Lunch at the villa and then spent the afternoon torn between enjoying the sun and overheating and dipping a toe in the water and deciding against getting in.

Mini golf later on this afternoon. Alex won (annoyingly! He IMG_5100insisted that I attached a pic of the score card to show his 3 hole in ones). I came a close third which is much better than my performance last week. This time Vince seemed to be on a mission to score the most points. We went to Jungle Golf on the 192 – not only was it 4 cents per person cheaper, it was also a lot better with loads of places to sit down around the course.

Millers for dinner – woop! I LOVE it here and we decided to try out the new one at

Dinner at Millers

Champion’s Gate (Davenport). I crave their fajitas all year and can’t wait to come back every time. Definitely the best meal of the holiday and it actually worked out really cheap for all the food and drink we got. Service was brilliant too. Rachael’s chicken was too salty but no problem they made her a fresh one quickly. Only thing I’d say is it’s SO cold in there so bring a jumper, and maybe scarves and gloves too.

Off to straighten my hair now with my $9.84 straightners ready for Epcot tomorrow morning xx

To read about Day 10 please click here. 


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