Turner’s on Tour – Day 10 – Epcot

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 3rd Feb 2017.

As a friend said to us it stands for:- Every Person Comes Out Tired. So true!

Our favourite park saved until last! Yippee! We began the morning by trying to make a packed lunch for 7 with one slice of ham and two slices of beef. Turns out I didn’t do such a good job of shopping yesterday. I then managed to cook my neck with the straighteners and Alex’s phone broke. But hey, bad things come in threes so we headed off to Epcot expecting a fab day.

Test Track

Started off in future world – straight on to Test Track and then back round to use our fast pass. First time Alex took it very seriously and designed some super cool sports car, second time round Rach and I created the biggest, greenest, starriest monstrosity we could.  I love this ride and as someone with motion sickness I really don’t find it too bad which is great.

Meeting Goofy

Met Mickey, Minnie and Goofy at character spot – love it! Goofy was not impressed with dad’s checked shirt and even less impressed with Alex’s striped shirt – said they hurt his eyes! Now have met Mickey and Minnie in all 4 parks but I realised I’ve gone the whole holiday without meeting Pluto boo!

Off to Living with the Land – so good! Can’t believe we’ve never done this before. Beginning bit is a bit naff but I loved seeing the greenhouses and all the plants probably because I’m a bit of a nerd.

Mexico Pavilion

World showcase – we took a picture in every country conquering the world by pictures rather than alcohol. Mexico is our fave pavilion and we take a picture with the hats on every year We got lucky and Frozen ride just reopened as we approached after a technical difficulty. Alex and I were front row and firmly in the sprinkle zone – I waddled round with a wet bottom for about 20 mins afterwards. It was a lovely ride but glad I didn’t queue for 5 hours for it last year!

Went round the rest of the world showcase. we do love it but it’s a shame in a lot of the countries it’s just restaurants, a shop and maybe a 15 min video about the country. Imagine a Mulan ride in China or an Alice in Wonderland 3D movie in the U.K. (Controversial opinion – I know). We managed to see Jasmine in her new outfit – I hated the pictures I’d seen online but in person it was soo much better. She glittered like a disco ball.

Italy Pavilion

Had an ice cream in Italy (of course) which wasn’t cheap but it was SO good – cookies and cream and chocolate chip. Yum yum. We got some chips (actual chips and not crisps!) in the UK just to remind us of home. Had a great time looking round the shops saying “How much for a Mars bar?!!” surrounded by other Brits doing the same

Back to the villa for a rest and a swim. We didn’t manage to break our high score keeping the beach ball in the air but at least the water was lovely and warm today

Mac Attack (McDonald’s) for dinner one last buttermilk chicken Back to the park and en route we saw the Hollywood studios fireworks. If you don’t fancy paying just head up World Drive – you’re right next to the launchers. Nobody on the parking booth at Epcot at 8pm by the way but we had already paid earlier so didn’t make any difference to us.

Quick walk on to spaceship earth and I bought a pandora charm from Mousegear. We got to the lake just in time for illuminations. Incredible as ever and a fitting end to an fab holiday.

Sea World tomorrow then home xx

To read about Day 11 please click here.


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