Turner’s on Tour – Day 11 – Sea World and travel day

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 11th Feb 2017.

IMG_5212Woke Alex up nice and early to get ready for Sea World – wanted to make the most of our last day here and our second day free passes! Nagged him to shower and get ready quickly and we were off… only for google maps to tell us the park didn’t open until 10am. Cue putting the brakes on! Turns out google maps can be wrong. There’s a festival there today and a concert so it’s open 9am-7pm. Even more reason to get there early as I expected it to be busy – cue smug face

It was dead when we arrived just before 9. Alex walked on to Mako and Manta, he’s still debating which was his favourite. We also walked on to The Shamu Express – much more my type of ride. There were also some cool cars that were parked up outside the kids zone. They had a classic car show set up. I didn’t know what any of them were but Alex seemed very happy.

Dippin’ Dots

We watched Blue Horizons, the only show we didn’t see last week. It’s so so cheesy but what the dolphins do is incredible. There are also birds flying around, well…supposedly flying around, one of them decided he’d much prefer a sunbathe on the roof of the stadium. Alex had his first ever Dippin’ Dots. One last look at the manatees, so great to hear two of them are being released this week as they are all better and a trip to the sea lions because it makes me happy just to watch them and then it was time to go.

Stopped off at Pizza Hut on the way home. They had an all day buffet on for $6.95 but we treated ourselves to our own food. Garlic bread to start and a large Hawaiian for main. My word it was delicious. SO much bigger and better than back home. Only odd thing was when the server asked if we wanted the pineapple on top of the pizza or on the side… not one I’ve been asked before!

Back to the villa to pick up our cases (and Natalie and Vince) and we made our way to the airport. Vince googled it and it said taking off from terminal B – please note you still check in at terminal A!! Cue a mad dash across the airport but there was plenty of time. Virgin girls on the desk couldn’t have been more helpful. There’s loads of space on the plane apparently so hoping to be able to stretch out.

Only hassle we had was with Alamo. We knew we needed to pay a young driver fee but they also tried to charge us for a full tank of fuel when we returned it full and for an additional private recovery fee (which was including in our booking). At the desk she tried to make us pay it saying it was all tax we had no choice but to pay.  Upon getting a little cross and presenting her with the paperwork she immediately dropped the additions so it’s ok but definitely something to be looking out for! Such a shame as we’ve used them for years and never had a problem before.

On Board Tinker Belle

Now sitting in the lounge waiting for Tinker Belle to be ready to take us home. Trying to work up to one last Outback but I’m too full from lunch Sad to be leaving but so pleased to have had the most magical holiday. Don’t know when we’ll be back – Alex and I are going to Thailand in November but that feels pretty far away so I will try and persuade him to come back in the middle.

Will post another blog the day after tomorrow about the journey home and some tips I have! xx (You can read this here)



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