Turners On Tour – Top Tips

Please note this blog is from a trip in early February. This post was written on 12th Feb 2017.

So that’s it -we’re home. If you’ve been before you know how it feels – bad! If you haven’t been before you can look forward to feeling jet lagged and tired BUT I’m reunited with my pets hardest part of being away.

Empty Plane

Flight home was fab. A row of seats each so I managed about 5 hours sleep. Not quite sure why they turned on all the lights and woke us all up 90 mins before the plane landed – could have had a bit more kip! Vince was worried about falling off the seats so fastened 3 seat belts around him. Food was pretty dire – Alex had one of each meal as we turned our noses up at it. He would recommend the beef as the least terrible.

So for our top tips:-

When you choose your car (if hiring one) go through a number of them and select one with low mileage so you are less likely to have a problem. Also take pictures of the exterior and tell them if there are any scratches before you leave the garage.

On going in February – we really loved it but don’t expect the parks to be empty. They are better overall but Animal Kingdom on Saturday was verging on unbearable – couldn’t move! Weather was between 22 and 28 but chilly at night. You NEED pool heat if getting a villa. I think we are converted to the idea of going back to work after Christmas with a countdown of a month rather than six though!

Shopping in Magic Kingdom

Manage your expectations – you will not do everything. And that is okay (unless you go for a month in which case lucky you!) We did open until close in MK with a disability pass and still didn’t get near doing everything we could have (and that’s without any children). But we were happy anyway.

Festival of Fantasy is basically the best thing ever.

Getting into Magic Kingdom for an early breakfast and being finished by about 8:50 is the way to do 7 Dwarves Mine Train. Getting there at rope drop could still leave you with an hour’s wait.

They seem to serve food at room temperature a lot. If you ask your server when you order to make sure it’s hot you’ll have a much nicer meal. Restaurants seem to be a lot quieter if you go a little later – really quiet by half 7.

Get a South facing pool if you can. Then you can come back from a day in the parks and have the sun all evening

Watch out for lunatic drivers. We have seen some terrible drivers – I was worried about driving over there but I didn’t need to. Just have your eyes open and be prepared to stop – indicating seems to be optional on roundabouts, at junctions and changing lanes but we’ve also seen people pulling into lanes whilst indicating the other way.

And finally, remember where you parked! Take a picture or write it down. The Disney trams are fab and they shout it out to you loads on your way in but no such luck in other parks. The car park looks different when you come out 8 hours later. I ended up wandering round the Sea World car park for ages and had to call my Mum.

Lots of Orlando Love xxx


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