The Most Overrated Disney Attractions

I mean I love Disney but I don’t love everything about it. There are a few attractions, whether they’re new or old where I just don’t understand why people queue for quite as long as they do for them. To be clear, this isn’t a list of the worst attractions (although I have plenty to say on that topic too) but this list is about the ones that people love and I just don’t understand it.

So, this could be a controversial… but here goes.

On Toy Story Midway Mania

5. Toy Story MidWay Mania

This only just made my list and it’s with regret it’s made it. I really enjoy this ride, I like the competitive nature of it and I like that my hand hurts at the end showing how much I committed to it. BUT, it’s just a shooting game with 3D glasses, it kind of throws your around despite being a pretty new ride. It’s also a ride that’s had queue times of over 2 hours. That’s right, 2 hours. For a ride that’s only a bit better than an arcade game. I will admit that adding a third track has really improved the situation here and the wait times are now an hour or even slightly under which can only help.

4. Peter Pan’s Flight

If your child loves Peter Pan more than anything else in the world then skip on past, you’re going to have to queue anyway because this is the only thing that is Peter Pan themed that you can do. The wait times for this ride can easily exceed 90 minutes even early in the morning. Fast Passes are like gold dust that disappear as soon as they appear. It’s just a dark ride, the same as all the others. There’s nothing wrong with it, but an incredibly slow loading capacity is the only real reason for the long lines. I think that people see a huge wait time and think wow, that must be something really special. It lasts about 3 minutes and I’d happily wait 15 minutes for it, but any more than that and I’m not interested.

The Pillar Problem

3. Star Wars – A Galactic Spectacular

Firstly, I will recognise I’m not a Star Wars Fan but even having said that this is a let down after Symphony in the Stars which was also Star Wars. Hollywood Studios isn’t set up for a laser/projection heavy nighttime show. They’ve put huge columns up which means that if you stand on the right hand side of Hollywood Boulevard you can’t see half the fireworks. If you stand too far back you can’t see the projections on The Theatre. And, even worse they’ve put it 15 mins after the end of Fantasmic so if you’re only there for one day you’ve got a mad dash across the park to see both. It’s not a terrible show but it’s just not set up well at all and doesn’t warrant the thousands of people who pack in to not be able to see it all.

2. Soarin’

Probably my most controversial opinion. I get there’s a new projection but I really can’t see that improving the problems here. You either sit in the top row and have a slightly impeded view. Or, you have someone’s feet in your view. Someone else’s swinging feet is just going to to break into your experience. As far as I can see there’s no real way to fix this without redoing your whole ride experience.


1. Jungle Cruise

Urgh, this is the worst ride in Disney in my opinion and people LOVE it. When we were there in February we managed to get an extra Fast Pass for it. We probably waited around 3 minutes and the ride still wasn’t worth it. It’s 9 minutes of horrendously cheesy jokes, delivered with enthusiasm to an audience that just don’t get it. The sound quality is awful so it’s incredibly muffled if you’re sitting at the back (you’re dodging a bullet if you can’t hear, believe me). The main problem here is that this ride often has a queue as long, if not longer than Kilimanjaro Safaris and for me, after seeing real amazing animals, plastic ones just don’t cut it.

What do you think? Any rides you think I’ve missed, or do you love one of my choices and think I’ve got it wrong – let me know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “The Most Overrated Disney Attractions

    1. I agree that it’s hideous, monotonous and so, so long. On a list of the top 10 worst Disney attractions it would be number 1. But, everybody else seems to agree and there’s never really a queue so I would say it’s not really overrated.


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