On the Importance of Rest Days

Rest days are the key to my Floriday success. Yes, there will be a small percentage of people who prefer not to have rest days. And, a larger percentage of people who stubbornly plan to take 3 children under 5 to Orlando and do 3 parks a day for 2 weeks straight. If you’re in either of those groups, head on over to another blog. For the rest of you –here’s my thoughts.

Rest days are super important. I personally don’t go on holiday to come home needing another one. If you’re never been before a lot of people will tell you this and you might go ahead and add a water park day or two – that isn’t enough! Depending on the time of year you’ve got a few obstacles to face:-

The Heat

All year round you could be facing day after day of hot weather. We went in February last time and after standing on Main Street for 10 minutes we were desperate for air conditioning. If you’re going April-October you are pretty much guaranteed very hot weather. If you go in the summer you can add a whole heap of humidity on top of 35 degree weather.

The Hours

This is my “I’ve been in this park too long” face

Park days can be very long days. An open to close in the winter can be 9am-10pm easily and if you want to catch the nighttime spectaculars you will want to be staying until closing time. In the summer that can easily be 8am -1am. I’m not suggesting you stay all day. I’d actually recommend going 9-12pm and then back to your accommodation for a rest in the afternoon. Then head back to the parks for dinner and the shows. But, even if you do this, it’s a long day and don’t underestimate the time and energy it takes to park up, walk to the tram, get the tram to the entrance/monorail/boat, go through security and through the turnstiles – all before you’re even in the park.

The Walking

It’s not just long days in the heat, the amount of steps you do is pretty exhausting. Take a pram for your children – children as old as 6 or 7 are not out of place in a pushchair. On an open until close day you can easily hit 20,000 steps because the sheer scale of the parks is just huge.

Hopefully I’ve got you convinced that you’ll be pretty tired. So how many rest days should you take? The honest answer is it does depend on you. One of my family members doesn’t have great health so one day at the parks in two or three is plenty for us – this means over 50% of our holiday is rest days! When myself and my boyfriend went together we did two days in the park, and one day off – I have no intention of going through that again. I spent a lot of time tired, and this is baring in mind that we’ve both done the parks before – we spent only three or four hours in Animal Kingdom and were happy to come home.

My final word on this topic? Rest days aren’t wasted days. Orlando has SO much more to offer than just theme parks and even if it’s a once in a lifetime trip you shouldn’t miss out on other things Orlando has to offer. For some ideas on how to fill your rest days click here.


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