10 Ideas for Rest Days in Orlando

I’ve told you here why rest days are important and why they aren’t a waste of time. Hopefully I’ve got you convinced. So without further ado here’s 10 brilliant ways to use those rest days (in no particular order).

  1. Pool Time – I have lost count by the amount of parents that say “I’ve paid thousands and pounds and all my kids want to do is play in the pool”. This is just how children are sometimes. By building this time in they will have a wonderful relaxing time and be set to go in the parks again the next day. If you have your own pool it’s worth investing in some inflatables at the beginning of your holiday from Walmart for a few dollars.
  2. Mini Golf – this is one of our favourite things to do in Orlando. Disney
    Mini Golf on the 192

    and Universal both have their own courses, which are in beautiful condition, it may even be included in your tickets. For those of you on a stricter budget there are much cheaper options along International Drive and the 192. It only takes a few hours so you can combine with other rest day options. We usually spend the day round the pool and as it gets cooler head out to the mini golf course – bare in mind there’s often not a lot of shade round the holes.

  3. Florida Mall –it can be quite a journey from some of the resort areas, especially nearer to Disney, nearly an hour in traffic. But, it’s totally worth it. It’s the best place for all the latest fashion and you can easily lose a happy afternoon there. I even remember when it was the only place you could get Hollister and Abercrombie and begging my Dad to drive us out there.
  4. Water Parks – not quite as restful as some of the other options, but for some this counts as a rest day. They’re certainly less tiring than a full on theme park and are usually only open 10am-5pm. You’re best to get there early, grab a good sunbed and ride some slides before the park gets busy. Then you can chill out on the beach, in the wavepool or relaxing round the lazy river all afternoon.
  5. Clearwater – this is just about a day trip but if you can squeeze in going overnight you should. Only an hour or so out of Orlando you can see the pristine white beaches of Clearwater. You can also take Little Toot or the Sea Screamer boat rides which aren’t cheap but you’re guaranteed to see dolphins and they love jumping out the waves behind the boat.
  6. IMG_4449
    Disney Springs

    Disney Springs – previously Downtown Disney. It’s free to go and to park so that’s a bonus. There’s hundreds of shops and restaurants but it’s the atmosphere that makes it really special for me. We try to go once in the day and once on an evening because it has a completely different feel to it. We also like to take a round trip on the free boat shuttle that goes from on side to another

  1. Disney Resorts – I’ve never done this (shame on me) but a lot of people I know swear by spending a day riding the monorail route – it’s completely acceptable to visit Disney resorts without staying there. Grab a cocktail at the Polynesian and see Cinderella at the Princess Promenade at the Grand Floridian. Please note you can’t use the pools though.
  2. The Outlets – Florida Mall is great but it’s not the best place for bargains. At the time of writing the exchange is $1.25 to £1 so really nowhere is brilliant for bargains. But, I believe it will bounce back, and even now Vineland Outlets are a convenient place to get some great, goo quality buys.
  3. 219394_2064607137230_959198_o
    Wekiwa Springs

    Go to the springs – here I don’t mean Disney Springs. There are a few options but I’d recommend Wekiwa Springs. You can swim but also take a kayak down the river, and then struggle to get it back upstream! It’s shameful how far back I had to search to find a photo of us at the springs.

    10. Visit Showcase of Citrus – this is a lovely half day out and I’m already building it into my next schedule. You can take a 4×4 monster truck ride and pick your own Florida Orange. There’s a playground and farm animals for the children too.

What do you think? Any other suggestions you think I’ve missed – let me know in the comments!



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