Reviewing Moana

I actually watched Moana yonks ago and ever since I have had “you’re welcome” going round and round in my head. So, I thought it was time to put text to WordPress and give you my thoughts.

Firstly, as a 22 year old female I grew up watching the “boy saves girl” Disney films. I love Disney and I still love those classics. But, I much prefer the direction that we’re going in now, and I think Moana epitomises this. Following the line of more recent films such as Frozen and Brave finding a husband isn’t the key plot line. In fact, there is no romantic love story in Moana which makes the stories of love between father and daughter, grandmother and granddaughter and unlikely friends all the more special.

The central plot is, in fact, about a young woman who wants to help her community and save the ocean. She meets a demi-god Maui along the way, who despite his arrogance, turns out to be a strong friend who helps her in her quest.

There are three really strong songs in the film. “How far I’ll go” is absolutely beautiful and is also pretty catchy. “Shiny” is also pretty memorable although I’ll admit the lyrics are so fast that the only part I can join in with is shouting “SHINY” every time it comes around. The musical star of the show for me is “You’re Welcome” but I guarantee once you’ve heard it you’ll be annoyed by how often at work, when you’re trying to go to sleep etc etc that it pops up into your head. The rest of the songs are pretty weak. Unlike Frozen where the entire score is exceptional the rest of the songs in Moana are unfortunately rather forgettable.

The plot itself is a brilliant idea but a little confusing. The stops along the way of their mission seem a little pointless and without getting into spoiler territory the solution seemed rather convenient to me. If you asked me exactly what happens in Cinderella then I could tell you straight away. If you asked me about Moana I’d struggle to remember all the parts and all the songs, and I’d be a little confused about what happened when as the plot progression is a little weak.

Having said all of the above, everything else is great. The choice and quality of actors/singers was excellent and overall I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. And whilst I wish they’d made the plot easier to follow and more progressive the strong independent woman with a male that’s just a friend really appeals to me. Will I be buying the DVD? No question – absolutely.

PS. The Moana meet and greet has now left Hollywood Studios – I think that’s due to the DVD being out now. I didn’t meet with her in February. We went into One Man’s Dream mid-afternoon and the wait time was approaching an hour. Now she’s gone I really regret that! There’s rumours she’ll be back in Adventureland  in Magic Kingdom and this time I’ll definitely make the time to see her.



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